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Financial Models in Google Sheets vs Excel

The age old question: Excel or Google Sheets? Many finance folks will default to Excel, since that’s what they’re used to. However, Google Sheets has some very compelling features that set it apart,...

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QuickBooks to SaaS P&L conversion

Get a SaaS P&L from QuickBooks

QuickBooks makes it hard to get a SaaS P&L because it doesn't allocate expenses (e.g. payroll) across different accounts. If you want to see a proper gross margin, you'll need to allocate these...

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The Purpose of Financial Models

A financial model is a tool that helps you predict your company’s future performance. It converts assumptions into projections for revenue, expenses, and cash. As a result, you get ongoing, actionable insight to...

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Modeling Approaches: Top-down vs Bottom-up

This decision could make or break the credibility of your projections. Imagine you’re in a board meeting and an investor ask why you’re projecting 50% revenue growth if marketing spend is being cut....

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