Customer Success Staffing Plan Template

  Adam Tzagournis, CPA · Founder & CEO · 2 min read

A well-staffed Customer Success (CS) team is crucial for a smooth onboarding process and customer retention. As such, when your company customer base grows your CS staffing levels must follow suit. However, a one-size-fits-all hiring plan won’t do. Each company has a unique level of involvement to get customers onboarded or handle their ongoing requests.
Predicting which ratios work is tough. To make it easier, we built this Google Sheets template to do the work for you. It forecasts how many CS representatives you’ll need given certain levels of involvement in the onboarding and monthly maintenance process.

How it works

The template lets you specify the following inputs for your company:

  • CS rep setup hours required per client

  • CS rep monthly maintenance hours required per client

  • Annual salary of a CS rep

  • Churn rate during setup phase

  • Number of existing live customers today

  • Annual growth rate of live customer count

It uses CS salary and the rate at which companies churn during implementation to show you how much money is wasted on CS team failed implementations.

Want a template with more sophistication?

Our pre-built financial model for SaaS companies includes a more sophisticated version of this template. It also accounts for lag times, varying setup phase months, variable growth rates for client onboarding, and more.