Our Approach

Don’t reinvent the wheel, we’ve already done the heavy lifting.

FlowCog was built on a simple principle: if financial models are not your core business, you shouldn’t be building one from scratch.
Spreadsheets are difficult to navigate and formula writing can be prickly. It’s also incredibly time-consuming to incorporate more sophisticated analysis, industry data, or data visualizations. Just like you wouldn’t build your own CRM or accounting software, there’s no reason you should do it for your financial model.
Our approach is that credible SaaS projections must capture your company’s key drivers. We spent a lot of time on the following (so you don’t have to):
  • Financial statements of public SaaS companies and accounting standards
  • Industry benchmarks on marketing and sales funnels, renewal rates, headcount composition, and expenses
  • Investor feedback

Confidence in your projections is key.

Ease of use

It’s all built for you already. Start with intelligent defaults based on industry data, and update assumptions by order of importance. Run sophisticated analysis at the push of a button.
FlowCog starts off simple, but has additional layers of complexity if you need them: more control over the sales and marketing funnel, deal terms, cancellation and commissions policies, employee benefits and turnover, to name a few.


We’re long-time tech, accounting, and finance professionals that see the difficulties with current homegrown models, or ERP systems that take a year to implement. We want to simplify it for SaaS companies. We have many improvements and new features planned in the coming months, so stay tuned.

"All models are wrong, but some are useful." - George Box